Historical Throng in Aliados

​Avenida dos Aliados registered a new record at the New Year's Eve party and there were up to 200,000 people for an unparalleled evening. The largest of them all.

It is undoubtedly the best New Year’s Eve for Porto, the country and outskirts, as Pedro Abrunhosa had promised when he called everyone to the show.

With the musician’s concert and the fireworks, Porto, faithful to its principles of a working city, shows that it also knows how to have fun and because it’s fun it attracts people from abroad. Because Porto pleases you and others, who know that it is good to be seduced by the new social dynamics of this city.

The throng of 2017-2018 stays behind the huge turnout that the arrival of 2019 caused, with a party that began around 10pm.

See the best moments here.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 02-01-2019