Clérigos have new record of visits

​The Clérigos Tower and Church, an architectural complex listed National Monument, reached in 2018 the record number of one million and 300 thousand visitors, making it one of the main visited places in Portugal.

In its official website, the Brotherhood of Clérigos, who manages the complex, claims not to be surprised by this new record, since "it has verified that there was a very large number [of visitors] entering the Church and they were not going to the Clérigos Tower nor the museum".

The Clérigos Church’s doors have sensors since 1 January 2019, a mechanism that permitted to accurately record the number of visitors to this day, says the press release.

The Clérigos Tower had reached a record number of visitors in 2017, with 665.785 (80% foreigners), 7% more than in 2016, a number explained at the time with free admissions at the beginning of Lent and on Valentine's Day.

Until December 30th, it is possible to visit the Clérigos Tower during the night (except on December 24th and 25th).


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Published 26-12-2018