Porto is one of the most visited cities

​Porto is, for the first time, among the 100 cities in the world that attracted more visitors. Regarding the last ranking, Porto made a significant rise of 42 positions. The data now revealed is related to 2017.

The top 100 City Destinations by Euromonitor International opens its doors to Porto for the first time. Although is not in a leading position, this entry happens after the city being referenced in 2016, in 138th place.

This result is based on the number of visitors that Porto welcomed in 2017: about 2,39 million people.

For counting purposes, the barometer covers the international tourists who visit a city for at least 24 hours (never for over a year) and spend the night in the destination.

On a national level, Portugal is also represented by the city of Lisbon, which is in 62nd position. Hong Kong and Bangkok lead again the ranking.

Porto was recently included in the ranking of the largest growing technology clusters in the EMEA region, which includes the countries from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Source: Porto.pt

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Published 07-12-2018