Barack Obama lectures at Coliseu Porto Ageas

​Barack Obama, former American President and Nobel Peace Prize will lecture at Coliseu Porto Ageas on 6 July, in the context of the Climate Change Leadership Summit in Porto.

This event is jointly organised by Porto City Hall.

This global movement is aimed at finding environmental solutions and mitigating climate change.

The excellence of speakers also includes Mohan Munasinghe, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate as well and Irina Bokova, former Director General at UNESCO.

This first "Climate Change Leadership Porto Summit 2018", will include the signing of Porto Protocol, "a commitment for the future" and a "call for action" as well, as stated by Adrian Bridge, from Taylor's Port and Porto representative at the Advanced Leadership Foundation.

Jorge Brown, from the Advanced Leadership Foundation, pointed out that the coming of former US President Barack Obama is a formal recognition of the relevant work the city of Porto and the Wine Industry have been developing regarding the environment.


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Published 04-07-2018