Shopping at Bolhão is always good

"Do your shopping at the Bolhão Market" is the appeal of Rui Moreira before the proximity in transferring the traders to the Bolhão Temporary Market (located in La Vie Shopping Centre), which will take place on May 2nd.

The Bolhão Market now has a stand where a customer loyalty campaign is promoted to ensure the best transition from the emblematic building to the Bolhão Temporary Market. It is just at the entry in Rua Fernandes Tomás - where loyalty books have started to be distributed to customers, who are entitled to gifts according to the purchases. The stand will remain open until the end of April at the Bolhão Market and will remain open in the coming months at the Bolhão Temporary Market (remember that the transition will take place on the last three days of April).

Alternatively, announced Rui Moreira, the campaign is also explained on the website, launched by Porto City Hall. In addition to providing this information, the online website also features an exhaustive map of all the traders that are going to be transferred to the Bolhão Temporary Market.

Rui Moreira also said that the stand will have informative replicas set up in several metro stations, thus ensuring that the campaign reaches as many people as possible.

The mayor also took the opportunity to highlight "the important role" of Metro do Porto in the market’s future, recalling that there will be a direct connection from the Bolhão metro station to the interior of the building.


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Published 11-04-2018