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Douro Baroque Tour-Scenery Douro Douro Baroque Tour – Oporto Road Trips
Road Tours
Remarkable place, where the mixture of weather, river, grapes and men’s effort originated the first World’s Demarcated Wine Region, through the production of Port Wine. Picturesque scenario with green landscape and exuberant nature.
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Minho - Latours by Turismo do Porto
Road Tours
On this tour, we will visit the Lower Minho region – a journey into a scenic and spectacular part of Portugal..
Braga, a city of archbishops, has been an important religious and economic centre for over 2,000 years. Ancient civilisations and cultures have overlapped here, like a microcosm of the history of Portugal. A centre of gastronomic excellence, its architecture ranges from the Romanesque to the Baroque and Neoclassical.
In the city of Guimarães, we will dive into a medieval world. The cradle of Portugal, guardian of the country’s founding myths, distinguished by monuments of great symbolic value, Guimarães was the stage for key events in the early life of the country. Listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it was the European Capital of Culture in 2012.
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Braga & Guimarães Tour - E Fun Tours Porto Card Braga & Guimarães Tour - E Fun Tours
Road Tours
We spend at your hotel in the morning and follow a trip air-conditioned minivan towards Guimarães.
First we will visit the castle soon followed for the Romanesque church of St Miguel, where our first king was baptized. A little further down we will visit the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança, an imposing building built in the beginning of century XV to house the royal family. In this museum space we can see much of the furniture, weapons, tapestries and crockery sources as diverse as the number of sites visited in the maritime expeditions. But we still have to find out down to the lower town to pass through narrow streets until the “Padrão do Salado” and the “Nossa Senhora da Oliveira” church.
Then immediately descend to the outskirts of the ancient city where stood wide of the fair, today Toural Square to sample the sweets, convent specialties in a typical café.
If you are already hunger can have lunch at a restaurant for us recognized still at Guimarães or wait for Braga to where the food is also delicious.
In Braga we will begin our visit at the sanctuary of Bom Jesus where we will arrive in a water-powered funicular built in 1882. here at the top of the hill we will watch Braga where we follow soon after. To reach the center of Braga, still at the outside of the old medieval wall will visit the Congregados church to then move towards its most imposing monument, the Cathedral built in Romanesque style but finished in Gothic style. Braga being the city of the archbishops its cathedral is indeed one of the most spectacular.
Then there will remain still some churches to visit, the old castle tower or a new avenue designed in the early twentieth sec where is the Teatro Circo.
We will end the visit at the prestigious coffee Astoria, one of the most beautiful old city where we can see part of the old wall that is one of its own walls.
After a full day walking through Roman and medieval streets, relax on the way back to your hotel to which we arrive early evening.
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FeelDouro Porto Card Funny – Two-hour ride – Feel Douro
Cruises River Douro
Take a break from your routine and fill your day with a ride on the Douro River with a two-hour programme, departing from Douro Marina, passing by the six bridges over the Douro River, up to the Freixo Bridge. Feel Douro will offer you a drink so that you can enjoy this ride even more.
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FeelDouro Porto Card Happy Day – One day – Feel Douro
Cruises River Douro
Enjoy a special day, total relaxation and rest. During the ride, from the Douro Marina to the Crestuma dam, Entre-os-Rios, Régua or Pinhão you will be able to stop several times to dive into the waters of the River Douro or just enjoy the scenery and the chosen location to dock. You will also have the opportunity to find out what is like to drive a boat and hold the rudder, as well as share a lunch on board with your friends and family.
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Oporto’s Downtown Porto Card Oporto’s Downtown – Fold n´Visit – Rent a Bike n´ ...
Walking Tours
Porto became very famous after having been designated World Heritage (1996) by UNESCO and after becoming European Capital of Culture (2001). This walk tour was developed for those who enjoy sightseeing, culture, architecture and dazzling urban landscapes. Art and History follow the same course, acting as important beacons in Porto’s tourism, providing a tour full of hidden mysteries and ancient legends. Apart the Baroque and Rococo art and architecture, get to know the oldest parts of the city such as Ribeira. Experience this live guided tour and explore the traditional townspeople customs, along with the main sites and tourist hot spots of this city. This tour will grant you an experience that you will never regret.
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Douro Cruises Porto Card PORTO - PINHÃO – PORTO – Rota do Douro
Cruises River Douro
9.00 am Boarding of passengers at Estiva quay (Cais da Estiva) (Porto)
9.15 am Cruise sets sail for Pinhão | Breakfast served aboard
10.20 am Passage through the Crestuma-Lever Dam (height: 14 metres)
12.00 am Port wine tasting and lunch served aboard
1.20 pm Passage through the Carrapatelo Dam (height: 35 metres)
3.45 pm Arrival at Régua
5.30 pm Passage through the Bagaúste Dam (height: 27 metres)
Snack served aboard
6.45 pm Arrival at Pinhão | No activities planned
8.03 pm Train journey to Porto along the Douro Line
11.20 pm Arrival in Porto (S. Bento Station)
End of trip
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Other Tours
The Ermelo Falls are the largest waterfalls in Portugal . A quartzite barrier forms a huge terraced , separating the granite zone of schist , more vulnerable to erosion. Over the millennia created a gap of almost 200 m, through which the river Olo crashes in a stunning waterfall.
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Urban Trail 7 Km Porto Urban Trail 7 Km Porto
Walking Tours
The Urban Trail 7 Km will take you jogging through a Unesco World Heritage city and discover its cobbled alleys and narrow stairs. Run on medieval streets, walk next to the XIV century wall and see multiple monuments along the way. If, like us, you are one of those travelers who enjoy running everywhere this is for definitely of the things you need to do in Porto. The 7 km urban trail running tours will take you over Ponte D. Luis all the way to Cais de Gaia. Then, pass the famous port wine cellars to come back to Porto. Hike next to the medieval wall. Visit the Sé Catedral surroundings and cross the finish line in Ribeira. On the run tours is a great way to do sightseeing in Porto, our guides will make sure you get to know the history and see exclusive sites of one of the most ancient cities in Europe.
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Cruise 6 Bridges + Crestuma Dam Cruise 6 Bridges + Crestuma Dam
Cruises River Douro
Embark on a trip through the calm waters of the Douro River. With your family and/or friends, catch a glimpse and enjoy the landscapes on the riverbanks of the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.
Sipping a glass of Port wine, admire the historical bridges that make the Douro’s crossing.

Private tour (maximum 12 people), pick-up and drop-off at the accommodation.
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