Taste Porto

Taste Porto
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Be surprised by fine eating!

Within the route of flavours there is a must try dish that the city invites you for – the Bacalhau D’Ouro (Gold Cod).

Because of its history and tradition codfish is a food reference, and this new dish serves us this ‘loyal Portuguese friend’. Being the wine ex-libris - Port Wine¬ – an obligatory mark in the creation of this new gastronomic delight, it becomes a real toast to the occasion.

Apart from these undeniable references, the ‘tripeiro´ aspect of the city is also stressed, adding the maw of codfish into ingredients, as well as corn bread of Avintes, so emblematic in regional representations, an index that incorporates a lot of tradition and history of the city and that Porto takes great pride in serving. The “Bacalhau D’Ouro” can already be relished in many restaurants in Porto and will keep on being everybody´s delight.

Join the flavours’ route!

There are a vast number of places that are gaining success in the gastronomy arts and are the best hosts. Old and renowned places, more recent or newly established ones, the truth is that in Porto there is always a place that promises to make the day or the evening a very special one. Here we have for you a list of the privileged places to taste Porto, to smile at the culinary alchemy of the city.

Associated Restaurants:




Bacalhau D’Ouro (Gold Cod)

Pair your Bacalhau d’Ouro with the wines suggested by the experts, Best Of Wine Tourism 2015 winners:

  • Grainha Reserva Branco 2013 (Quinta Nova N. S. do Carmo – Conceitus Winery Restaurant)
  • Quinta da Boeira Reserva Tinto 2013 e Quinta da Boeira Porto 20 Anos (BOEIRA Portugal in a bottle)
  • Quintas Escomoeiras Colheira 2013 – Vinho Verde rosé (Quinta das Escomoeiras)

And if you wish to surprise your friends with this exquisite dish created by a team of renowned Chefs, here you have its secret:

Ingredients (4 doses)

  • 400g of rapini
  • 800g of codfish fillet
  • 60g of chorizo
  • 80g of codfish maw
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 260g of olive oil
  • 100g of onion
  • Bay leaf
  • Garlic
  • Wine vinegar
  • White wine
  • Dry white Port Wine
  • 200g of Avintes corn bread
  • Parsley


Prepare and boil the rapini, then chop slightly and pan fry with salt and olive oil. Cook slowly the codfish in olive oil at 100ºC and splinter it, separating bones and skin. Slightly pan fry the crumbled corn bread (to put later on top of the codfish) in olive oil, garlic and parsley. Soak well the codfish maw and make sure it is not too salty before cooking. Pan fry on a drizzle of olive oil the chorizo cut into cubes. Add the codfish maw. Make a stew with onions cut into half-moons, olive oil, garlic, bay leaf, wine vinegar and dry Port Wine, salt and pepper. The food can be arranged inside a ring, in the following order:  pan fried rapini, splintered codfish, fried maw with chorizo, corn bread and then the onion stew.

Pairing can be made with Portuguese “punched” potatoes.

Have a wonderful meal!


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Published 22-04-2015