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Mobile Apps

Mobile applications for smart phones and tablets on their main platforms, offering contents and services on the city of Porto.

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Oporto Insight
Discover magical places, secret stories and take into your hands and keep in your heart the most special journey through Oporto, a city adored by those who live in it and loved by those who visit it. This guide can be used offline.
Porto Paralelo
Porto Paralelo
Porto Paralelo aims at revitalizing Traditional Businesses in Porto using Communication Design, as well as introducing contemporary Marketing and Communication Strategies.

The Application Porto Paralelo gathers useful information on Porto traditional shops. With this application you can search for the shops around your location, select them by categories, find their exact location and opening hours, and obtain information on how to get there.

Tales & Tours
Tales & Tours
The Personal Tour Guide in Your Pocket.

Ready to start an adventure? Tales & Tours lets you use your phone as a professional multimedia tour guide.

Download the multimedia guided tours (both paid & free guides & digital tours available) provided by curators and storytellers from around the world. Dive into another world around you through offline maps, images, audio and video..

Find guides for cycling, walking, boat, indoor (museums & galleries), park, zoo, geocaching, art, nightlife, running, sports and more.

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