Voyage in the 6th Forum of the Future


Rabelo Boat
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

​The 500 years of circumnavigation, the occupation, appropriation and identity are some of the issues that promise to pave the way for "Voyage", theme for next year’s Forum of the Future. The announcement was made by the Mayor of Porto, at the closing session of the fifth edition of the forum of thought.

As is tradition, Rui Moreira revealed what will be the leitmotiv of the sixth edition of the Forum of the Future, even if is one year away, it is already being planned. “Viagem” (Voyage) is the keyword of a theme that intends to explore two events: the 500 years of the circumnavigation voyage by Ferdinand Magellan and Man’s voyage to the Moon half a century ago.

Sharing the stage of the Grande Auditorio Manoel de Oliveira, at the Teatro Municipal Rivoli, with his deputy for Culture, Guilherme Blanc, also director and curator of the Forum of the Future, the Mayor of Porto highlighted the project’s growth, which is reflected in the high levels of the audience participation, evermore drawn to the quality and eclecticism of the programme.

This is why the mayor has already challenged the audience to reflect upon next year’s theme. "It certainly incites passions, emotions, guilt, very varied feelings", he noted. After all, "Voyage" will lead us to the circumnavigation era and analyse "the occupation, appropriation, exchange, experience and the profound changes that have occurred in our civilization".

Another historic achievement for humanity will not be left out. Neil Armstrong’s first footprint on the Moon will also be onboard the spaceship of the next Forum of the Future.

There were seven intense days of reflection on the influence of the canons of Antiquity in contemporary culture and society. "Ágora Club" received over 50 guests from 17 countries, consolidating its position in the international scene.


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Published 15-11-2018