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Easter Concert
Easter Concert
João Páris is preparing the Easter concert in the Palacete Viscondes Balsemão within the work for his new album of originals, together with the violinists Alexa...
Porta Jazz Concerts
Porta Jazz Concerts - Nuno Ferreira Trio
Nuno Ferreira Trio Nuno Ferreira – guitarra; Demian Cabaud – contrabaixo; Marcos Cavaleiro - bateria.
Avô Cantigas – The Musical
Avô Cantigas – The Musical
Avô Cantigas will perform live in a new concert that will delight the whole family! Accompanied on stage by actors that represent cheerful grandchildren, he wi...
FIGA: 1st Interatlantic Bagpipe Festival
FIGA: 1st Interatlantic Bagpipe Festival
This unique event is designed to congregate, spread and show a peculiar and unique reality that still exists in the North and North Centre of Portugal. Concert...
Ala dos Namorados
Ala dos Namorados
The exhibition’s theme `Ala dos Namorados`, refers to the famous group of young riders that formed the left wing of the Portuguese army in the battle of Aljubar...
From baroque to baroque – contemporary art is present
18 artists developed, while residents, in the country or abroad, drawings, videos, paintings, sculpture and installation works with their own aesthetic tenden...
O Céu visto da terra (The sky seen from the earth) – astrophotography exhibition by Miguel Claro
O Céu visto da terra (The sky seen from the earth) – astrophotography exhibition by Miguel Claro
This exhibition presents the best 26 astrophotographs of `skyscapes` (astronomic landscape), the concept that targets the union between the elements `sky and ea...
Kneaded Memory
Kneaded Memory
If we look at the works by Dalila Gonçalves as a whole, or even as a body of work, we cannot fail to notice that one of her constant features is dealing with el...
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
Danced in three acts and one epilogue, Romeo and Juliet tells us a tragic love story between two young people that grew up in the belly of two rival families.
Bear Me
“Bear me” um solo de Cristina Planas Leitão
Solo début by Cristina Planas Leitão within the series Palcos Instáveis. This series of contemporary dance has brought to the stages of the Campo Alegre Theatre...
Hard Club
United by dance
United by dance, different dance schools from Gaia and Porto accepted the challenge to join in a unique event that comprises an intense afternoon of different d...
Abril a rir (Laughing in April)
Abril a rir (Laughing in April)
Eduardo Madeira needs no introduction! The well-known face of the RTP channel, argumentalist, humourist and really nuts! The Loja de Comédia, in Rua da Galeria...
Hard Club Concert
Nirvana Tribute Tour: Miguel Bello (Lulla Bye)|Pedro Alves e Pedro Afonso (Homem Mau)
After a sold-out concert in 2012, the themes that immortalized Nirvana are back to resound on the stage of Hard Club’s Sala 2. Melodies and memories not to be m...
Hard Club Sala com publico
Skinning| Cape Torment| Kapitalistas| Podridão| Forbidden to Fly
The Skinning, the band from Guimarães dedicated to death metal, is presenting `Cerebral Mutilation` for the first time in Porto, accompanied by a range of bands...
Hard Club
El Coyote|October Horse|Engaging the Dead|TBA
El Coyote is a trio based in Maia that fuses metal, groove, stoner and psychedelic elements. United by the eager to make music, launched their first EP album `M...



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June - Porto's São João
In 2014 the tradition of Porto’s São João is renewed and the city will be offering 6 weeks of consta...
Boavista Circuit - PHGP/WTCC - June 2013
In 2013 the Porto Historic Grand Prix will take place from 21 to 23 June, and from 28 to 30 will tak...
Medieval Porto
​The origins of Porto are linked to the Morro da Sé (Cathedral Hill), overlooking the river Douro, w...

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