Um Século e Tanto, 130 Anos National Geographic

National Geographic has explored the planet for over 130 years and is distinguished by challenging, protecting and inspiring humanity to go beyond.
It all started in 1888 with an invitation, which brought together the 33 founders of the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. Among them geologists and cartographers, bankers and lawyers, scientists and military leaders began to delineate the purpose of the organisation. Everyone believed that science coupled with a clearer perception of our world would have the power to change it, improving it.
With neither staff nor headquarters, the National Geographic Society began charting new routes, discovering new cultures and going beyond.
We celebrate Alexander Graham Bell, Amelia Earheart, Alexander Graham Bell, Robert A. Bartlett, Richard E. Byrd, Barry Bishop, Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Dian Fossey, Jacques Cousteau, Robert E. Peary, and so other big names in the National Geographic’s history.
To share the expeditions, discoveries and scope, the National Geographic magazine was created in 1888. Its first edition was sent to an exclusive list of 200 members. In 2015, the National Geographic Partners was founded and its platform reaches over 450 million people, 43 languages, in 172 countries every month.
The will of our 33 founders was fulfilled. We reached the four corners of the earth and went further. 131 years later, we continue to point our lenses at the most inhospitable places and the harshest realities of our planet, we continue to pursue big questions and challenge thoughts once accepted, we continue to protect and inspire humanity to go beyond.
But none of this would be possible without your contribution. Thanks to you we have already awarded over 14,000 research grants, supporting ambitious projects in the areas of science, exploration and conservation. When you read, watch, buy or travel with us, you are supporting the work of our scientists, explorers and educators around the world. Because of you, our cause exists. Thank you for helping us contribute to a more sustainable planet.


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