"As Uvas de Zeuxis" by Hernâni Reis Batista

The exhibition «As Uvas de Zeuxis» by Hernâni Reis Batista opens, at Casa das Artes, on September 14th. Free entry.
The show, which is on display until October 28th, is the third exhibition in the "Animalidades e outras botânicas" series.
The exhibition “As Uvas de Zeuxis” by Hernâni Reis Baptista, the first part of a diptych, which will be continued in “A cortina de Parrásio”, follows the work that he artist has been presenting, namely the one where one sees an approach to issues related not only to animal and plant life, but also to interspecies dialogues and their mutations.
At Casa das Artes, a new set of works will be revealed, through which a series of tropes common to art and nature will pass. Ideas related to mimesis, camouflage, illusion, deception, trompe l'œil and ruin emerge from works where plants, animals and minerals are observed, which have in common the ability to blend in with the environment, thus deceiving the eye. There is yet another layer, for now invisible, that deepens the mystery about these pieces, also possible to interpret as memorials of an endangered world.


  • Promoter: Direção Regional da Cultura Norte
  • Tags: Exhibitions, Art, e mais...
  • From: 14-09-2019
  • To: 28-10-2019
  • Target audience: General public

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