Três Peças em Um Ato

"Brevity is the sister of talent," wrote Anton Chekhov in a 1889 letter to his brother, who was also a writer, where he included other advices, perhaps more useful, for a successful literary life: “Don’t round things out, don’t polish – but be awkward and impudent.” Chekhov was a master of short forms, whether they were tales or one-act plays. The latter are miniatures in which he has accurately condensed, with a jeweller’s precision, much of his dramatic art. Stage director Roberto Merino selected three of them to be worked by the final-year Drama students of ESAP. In “Three One-Act Plays”, we will find A “The Proposal”, “The Bear” and “The Anniversary”, three major examples of that art of summoning in a few minutes a multitude of worlds, filled with complex, vital, immortal, universal characters. Creatures we could find even now "in the street, on the tram, at the grocer’s and on the pavements", believes the director.


  • Promoter: São João National Theatre
  • Tags: Theatre, Espectáculos, e mais...
  • From: 17-07-2019
  • To: 18-07-2019
  • Time: 9pm
  • Target audience: General public

São Bento da Vitória Monastery

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