Escher Exhibition

The work of M. C. Escher, seen by about three million people in exhibitions held in cities such as New York, Rome, Bologna, Lisbon or Naples, arrives in the Unvanquished city (Porto).
Alfândega Porto Congress Centre features a large retrospective exhibit of 135 works dedicated to the Dutch artist M. C. Escher.
Curated by Mark Valdhuisen, director of MC Escher Company, and by Frederico Guidiceandrea, a great specialist in the artist's work, the exhibition shows us the creative journey of the great visionary genius that has enchanted the minds of scientists and the fantasy of graphic artists , exerting an enormous influence in the world of the art.
Among the 135 works include famous masterpieces such as "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" (1935), "Eye" (1946), "Three worlds" and "Peel" (1955) or "Bond of union" (1956).


  • Promoter: ARTHEMISIA
  • Tags: Exposições
  • From: 28-02-2019
  • To: 28-07-2019
  • Time: 10am-8pm
  • Target audience: General public

Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto

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