10 Wine Experiences you cannot afford to miss!

10 Wine Experiences you cannot afford to miss!
Photo:  Município do PortoCC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

​September is the month of the grape harvest par excellence. The time has come to gather the grapes, carry them in baskets, crush them and make what is known as the nectar of the gods: Wine.

To come to Porto is to get to know and try the world's best that's made in this area, this city representing the Douro, Port and Vinho Verde wine region in the Great Wine Capitals network. 

This is the ideal time to learn more about what is produced in these wine-growing regions, joining in the festivities associated with the grape harvest tradition. Don't miss the chance to join in the traditional treading of the grapes to the rhythm of the concertina.

Try the world famous Port Wine and the other wines of the Douro Region, the first demarcated wine-growing region (1756), and the "Green Wines" characteristic of the region of the Minho are something else you must try.

We've singled out 10 Wine Experiences you cannot afford to miss:

In Porto

    • Travel the Urban Wine Route that we have prepared for you and discover the most important places in the city and in the history of the Port, Douro and Green wines; 
    • Visit the Porto Wine Museum and learn about the importance that Port Wine and its trade had in the development of the city by Porto Card;

    In the Douro Region  

    In the Green Wine (Vinhos Verdes) Region  

    Come to Porto and enjoy the region in the month of the grape harvest!​

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    Published 09-09-2015