Route of the “Tascos” in Porto

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​Entering a “Tasco”, or tavern, is just like walking into the quintessential Portuguese home; the air is filled with the smell of a hearty stew and cooking oil sizzling in a frying pan, ready for making more of the finest culinary delicacies. Everyone is welcome, and though you may walk in as a customer, you will most certainly leave as a friend!

The décor is traditionally Portuguese, with long wooden tables and benches surrounded by photos of the local club or the city adorning the walls. The wine is served in mugs, sometimes fresh from the barrel!

The menu differs depending on what is available at the market and, of course, what the chef wants to cook! Most of the products used are sourced locally, ensuring that what you eat is fresh and very tasty.

Some of the “Tascos” are like time capsules - while life outside has evolved, inside, they have remained the same for twenty years.
Almost a second home to regular customers, the “Tascos” are where many start or end their day, discuss life, politics, philosophy, football... or simply observe the wave of people hurrying to work or heading home.

The “Tascos Gourmet”, similar to a gastropub, are a modern take on the older “Tascos”, where a traditional menu – including fresh products such as Portuguese sausages, cheese and traditional bread – is served in a more contemporary environment. They are a great place to go and catch up with friends or recharge your batteries after a hard day’s work.

The traditional “Tascos” (which continue to survive but are growing less and less common) as well as the more modern “Tascas gourmet” must be a part of your travel itinerary!

Take a trip back in time… or to the present day! Or both! The choice is yours.

Follow our suggestions and try the best of what the region’s gastronomy has to offer!





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Opening hours:

OLD TASCOS are usually open every day until around 20:00, what makes them suitable for a visit in the end of the afternoon

GOURMET TASCOS are usually open throughout the night, up to 02:00, the ideal setting for a tasco-gathering with your friends!

In some of this spots, some days of the week you will be able to enjoy your food to the sound of fado!     

Published 07-08-2014